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Commodities: Blood Glucose Test Strips

Brand: Solo V2 Audible Blood Glucose Management System


The technological advantages of the SOLUS V2 meter include advanced movie technology. During the development of the SOLUS V2 test strip, 5 elements were evaluated: technological achievements, control capabilities, tape size and ease of use.

Technological achievements

The SOLUS meter was designed with biosensor technology, which uses the enzyme glucose oxidase to break down blood glucose. The film itself contains 4 kidnappings, while most of the films currently on the market have only 3 abductions. How does this benefit you? The more leads that contain a test strip of glucose, so much more information and data can be transmitted to the meter. This is important and has advantages in terms of achieving better, more accurate control. Example: Most talking meters on the market today contain only 3 abductions. If you have or used a speaker meter in the past, you rely heavily on the accuracy of the sound effect. Unfortunately, most talking counters will give you a FALSE LOW result if you do not have enough blood. The SOLUS V2 is so sophisticated that it informs you of “Insufficient Blood, Please Test Again!”. It will NOT result in a FALSE LOW result, which reduces the risk of morbidity and mortality.

SOLUS Winding Action

The spin action is a powerful current that draws blood from the control site and quickly transfers it to the film. This action leads to faster, more accurate results and reduces the chances of error. Rapid blood intake in the test strip provides enormous benefit to any person suffering from neuropathy and can greatly reduce the irritation he may feel due to his inability to carry the right amount of blood to the test strip.

Control Capabilities

The film was made to pump blood at a very fast pace. When glucose reacts with the reagents in the test strips, an electric current is produced that is proportional to the glucose concentration in the blood sample. The glucose concentration is calculated from the meter and the electrical current measured. On contact, tape and counter work together to provide you with a measurement similar to that of blood glucose detected in your creature.


The SOLUS V2 test strips are designed to be large and easy to use. We have known that many patients suffer from diabetic neuropathy and that testing the test strips can be difficult. The bigger film helps to reduce the irritation that can be created during the review process. The film bottle also has a large mouthpiece that facilitates access to the tapes.

Ease of Use

Like the big screen on the SOLUS V2 meter, the tape is clearly labeled to show which edge is to be inserted into the meter and which side is the top. These features eliminate the confusion when it’s time to check.

25 test strips.

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