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Discover the advantages of downloading our app and gain access to 24/7 unlimited online doctor consultations, convenient medicine ordering, doctor appointments online, health packages, lab test home sample collection services, and exclusive partner outlet discounts. Let's explore the benefits in detail.

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Unlimited Online Doctor Consultations

With our health super app, you can now enjoy unlimited online doctor consultations through audio and video calls. Whether you have a minor health concern or need ongoing medical advice, our experienced doctors are available 24/7 to provide personalized care and guidance. Say goodbye to long waiting times and exorbitant consultation fees. For just 79 taka per month, you can have peace of mind knowing that expert medical advice is just a few taps away.

Online Medicine Ordering

Gone are the days of standing in long pharmacy queues. Our app lets you conveniently order medicines online, saving time and effort. Simply upload your prescription and have your medications delivered to your doorstep. It's hassle-free, efficient and ensures you always have essential medicines.

Medical Specialists Appointment Online

Finding the right doctor and scheduling appointments can take time and effort. Our Health Super App simplifies the process by allowing you to book appointments with top-rated doctors directly from your smartphone. No more waiting endlessly on hold or struggling to find available slots. Enjoy the convenience of selecting your preferred doctor, choosing a suitable time, and receiving instant confirmation, all in one place.

Health Packages

Take proactive control of your health with our comprehensive health packages. Our app offers a range of health packages tailored to your specific needs, including up to 2,000,00 taka hospital cashback, 24/7 Unlimited Doctor Consultation, and diagnostic tests discount. These packages are designed to help you identify potential health risks early on, enabling timely intervention and leading to better health outcomes.

Lab Test Home Sample Collection

Avoid the inconvenience of visiting a lab for sample collection. Our app provides the convenience of home sample collection for diagnostic tests. Schedule a time that suits you, and a qualified healthcare professional will visit your home or office to collect the samples. Rest assured that your selections will be handled with utmost care and precision, ensuring accurate test results.

Partner Outlet Discounts

As a valued subscriber of our app, you gain exclusive access to incredible discounts for treatments at our partnered hospitals. Enjoy up to 50% off on various medical procedures, ensuring that quality healthcare remains affordable and accessible to you. Take advantage of this fantastic benefit by downloading our app and subscribing to any of our health packages today and embarking on a journey towards affordable healthcare.

Incorporating our Health Super App into your life unlocks many benefits that make managing your healthcare needs more effortless, affordable, and accessible. With unlimited online doctor consultations, online medicine ordering, Medical Specialist online appointment booking, health packages, lab test home sample collection services, and partner outlet discounts, you can confidently take charge of your health. Download our app today and journey towards comprehensive and affordable healthcare.